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No-balls Beyond The Clash of India in six major West Indian escapes

Six fog bizarre – – cricket analysts, if there are six points may miss the odd rotate each team includes top batsman. It is in some ways typical West Indies v India semi-final, leaving India in the Twenty20 World Cup was.
Everyone in India, including captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, focused on two (warm and R Ashwin Pandya) no balls, a finger, which is saved to the West Indies top scorer Lendl Simmons, look closely.
Simmons, 18, should be on – no – it is not an area. Ashwin over-stepped.
Simmons should be at 50 ° C – not to be – again, there was a ball! This time, Pandya.
No – – Simmons 68 must be caught at widish Ravindra Jadeja at long range saved by the heel touched the rope.
India “India too, but the batsman can lose the flip side of the coin?” What about the trust had three odd fog.
Narrow wicketkeeper Dinesh Ramdin and Dwayne Bravo missed the hand – “fault – Kohli was one tries to steal unnecessary goodbye.
Comedy of Errors, Kohli was given a second life. India batsman should be leading in the score, but the bowler (Dwayne Bravo) is something that Kohli, two runs in the bargain becomes 99 times out of 100 was missing.
Then in the 20th over, Kohli was out for 81, but Simons plotted to deep mid wicket, can stick to. Before the 18th over, Kohli survived on the case at the time when Carlos Braithwaite fell just diving catch.
Mist point six. in a meeting. Bizarre.

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