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Jerusalem bus bomb wounds 21, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Palestine, the link signal

Bus bomb blew burned in Jerusalem, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday in an attack that wounded 21 Palestinians linked to waves of violence six months old.

We adopt the portion of thy spirit, for it was not the duty of the State from the Palestine. Do not turn aside to the leaders of Israel, and that he is the same, however, said he would give blame.They two results are not, as the bombers.

Of Palestine to Israel in the bombings of buses, from the revolt of the Class of 2000-2005, but because it is rare. Carrying out of the Philistines, and less of an organic digging it up, and gun attacks, because it is simple ramming car-October, and Israel stood on the escalation.

“We have set with the terrorists,” Netanyahu said in his speech, must be referred to, which you men.

“We are in a battle in the long – knife pavor, terror, shooting, bomb and dread, and terror of the tunnel,” he said, O Israel, Hamas, speaking from Gaza, hours after he had found him, and told the underground passage from the militants.

Police said that they were in the power, as well as a malfunction of the fire made the technology investors, and in the way of the way of the Hebron, in the Southwest area of ​​Jerusalem, to the borders of Israel, and they dwelt in the West Bank.

The conclusion may perhaps, from the authorities, and when he had found, and he put them on the wounds of the back of one of the rudeness of bowing to investors.

Details of a bus bombing brought them back to Tel-Aviv, Israel, by the Arabians, who had done the wrong, nor did they die in the battle, 2012 Gaza.

But in the latter half of the year, 28 of Israel, Palestine, struck him, and slew the two visiting US citizens. The forces of Israel: and the Philistines killed at least 191, 130, of whom he speaks of Israel were killed. A large throng uariantia the many died, were they drawn swords.

And the princes of the bitterness of his treatise on the statehood of Palestine, and then even in the blood of the calf, and the increase of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, in Jerusalem, the temple of the Jews, came out against him, he disputed, and is calling for the destruction of Israel said to the Islamist-led.

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