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In Kerala Chief Minister’s Crisis, Solar Scam Packs New Heat: 10 Points

A court has ordered the chief of the Congress of the FIR or a police case in connection with the scandal. Following the appeal against the decision of a politician that can be heard today.

Sarita Nair, who has a multitude of charges that he was accused of fraud by the promise of cheap solar panels industry has been a challenge ever.

Biju Radhakrishnan, his partner, he flaunted her, Mr. Chandy and some of his top aides had removed the earth and the precious contracts.

Ms. Nair was arrested in 2013 and then granted bail, and damaging statements were made against the Chief Justice in his testimony before the retired have been investigating the scandal.

Ms. Nair, chief bribe of Rs 1.9 crore to be paid according to his colleagues. Mr Chandy’s unfounded claims, and he pointed out that the suspension of three of his colleagues, who seemed to have a very close relationship with Ms. Nair.

Mr Chandy Rs 10 crore against Ms. Nair has said that the reference to the first media interview with the chief opposition party to give evidence in his defense, he told her to leave. The claim was rejected on the left.

He has more than 11 hours on Monday to investigate the scandal, said the judge had given his side of the story. He was cross-examined. Kerala Chief Minister had never been questioned by the Judicial Commission.

Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the opposition outside the government headquarters daily displays.

Only a leaked audio tape has added to the woes of the ruling party. Congress spokesperson Sarita Nair, during his cross-examination of “safe play” voice advising. Spokersperson Ms. Nair denied he was trying to coach.

Said that the resignation of the opposition. Kerala, Chandy and the United Democratic Front against the solar scam leads his Congress party is the main weapon in the assembly elections this year.

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