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175 countries signed the Treaty of Paris season


To mark an important milestone Friday, 175 countries, including India record a historic agreement on climate change, to be signed on the first day. It is necessary to clearly measure the global leader, to fight hard and quickly increase in global temperatures. Rising sea levels and melting temperature of the ...

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Mass shooting in CALIFORNIA an “ACT OF TERRORISM” says US president BARAK OBAMA


Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama on Sunday forcefully declared the shooting in San Bernardino, California, a terrorist attack and said the United States will overcome such threats with a relentless, strong and smart campaign against ISIS that is consistent with the nation’s values. “This was an act of terrorism designed to ...

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Very large volcanic eruptions could lead to ice sheet instability


Massive volcanic eruptions could cause localised warming that might destabilise some of the world's biggest ice sheets, according to new research from Durham University. Scientists investigated links between very large volcanic eruptions and polar temperatures during the last Ice Age. Their findings suggest that some periods of Antarctic warming between ...

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