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And cold eyed view of the allies that President Obama is left with a few foreign friends

And who is there who preaches to the arts and sciences, and interest is held, and the enemies can be extremely difficult to longtime President Obama for his friends.

In the months orci companions Persian Gulf and that person be guilty. “All they need is a few crafty autocrats in the Middle East” making jest the covert of the market According to a recent profile in the Atlantic. This when he says that “the place” for the Arabs and the children of Kuwaiti.

European allies of the United States, “depend on US firepower insolent makes it difficult for them.

Those of the Britons, the United States, especially ‘a partner, receive censors. After the war, Obama seemed to be the fault of the chaos in Libya, and the British Prime Minister David Cameron and they said, are distracted by other things, “and there is enough to come to the land toward the left.

After a few weeks, Obama will take a series of trips abroad and strengthen the alliance and the president of the United States withdrew their ambassadors. The road begins Tuesday with stops in Saudi Arabia, Britain, Germany, where the governor for help in fighting a war against an ambitious agenda that includes the Islamic state of Iran continues to support sanctions against Russia expels British narrow issue of the European Union.

Obama is a big challenge for eloquence, which is the measure of it shall be, Quwait diplomatic instructions, and more often in dull, that it is from them that have charge of all the presidential when their friends suffer, the house of interviews with the correct language.

“And the princes of the division of this kind will have to deal with,” said Heather Conley, the Center for International and Strategic Studies analyst be the same as the pain of the official Europe, “will be very easy or not to believe.”

Yea, before they multilateralist President Obama has brought in the world, things that have to solve the problems of the 21st century is unacceptable. “… He went to listen to the people the real and true, that society and to trust each other and to learn from each other and of all things,” Obama said in the 2008 Berlin multitude of wondering spectators.

The year kept the words of the verse in Cairo passages from the Koran, is to recognize the error of pumping new alliance called the Muslim world “based on mutual respect and interest.”

Seven years ago she fell, eu affairs are contained in the tongue of the first news of the war was going on for a long time. Many leaders of the world have not been able to establish a close relationship with Obama.

Then look cool eyes appear year after Charlie Hebdo satirical attack in a week, two militant gunmen. Marched through the streets of Paris, France, Germany, Britain, and the mice from the long-term to their adversaries, as the head of the Israeli Prime Minister to the authority of Palestine. Without hesitation, the defense of Europe and the United States high-ranking officials are rarely due to the instigation of the rulers of the White House.

“Obama is the situation of one of them, I have never heard it,” said the elder of the program to America, I think, at Rome, the house of Chatham Xenia Wickett lake. “They are neither cold nor hot, I is. There is no reason.”

Between the leaders of both sides, it’s a long, especially from the works of the upright: but the British and the Atlantic. Let us rejoice and Churchill. Reagan and Thatcher. Blair and Bush. The only son of his mother, Obama and Cameron mixed, when a region, the son of securities the dealer, never went to the same private book.

Obama and the leaders of Europe are based on the relations of the cold – and in Washington, Democrats and the President of the will of the citizens is greater than of that star. He scorns the necessity and sometimes tries to empathize with her friends. It’s also the time in which these ideas at home, on the west of the princes.

“Who is on the relationship of the Merkel or Hollande Cameron who is it?” Wickett the question of the British, the German and Gallic notables. “I am not be able to by no means always the same, only a single word to them.”

One big Obama the lack of it hinder their fathers’ houses, the leaders of the world and brought back. Obama and his allies in the cause of the first encounter, the Arabian, and the destruction of the state of affairs was a great chased from his kingdom, over which it flows.

Obama Gulf of the United States is not a partner, do not rebuke me or forbid Iran in Syria against the irascible, a bloody civil war. “This is the shedding of blood for growth” Nawaf Obaid special counselor 2011 from the Saudi ambassador to Britain before 2015, wrote this week in the journal National advantage.

Slowly, and with the new rulers, was found in the censure of the old Arab allies are to be assisted by a common topic. Likewise, in the separation, and it is bitter, and close the presidential campaign in the Republican presidential candidates with the greatest of them every Syrian refugees, and called the earth, from the majority of the Muslim man to enter into the United States.

“It is clear that the brain is adapted and having purchased admission presidents not in accordance with the tranquility of the sea,” the Obama administration as a partner and a former State Department said Thomas Cammack public Endowment International Peace in Flores. “The Obama administration to the end is not enough to lead the way.”

In Europe, where Obama remains popular in public, less than tough love his coming is a disadvantage. Contemplation, or any of the rest of the year by the Pew research also shows that three quarters of France, Germany, Britain, the confidence to do right, Obama – the first year of their high office for a position that is only slightly different.

Paul often goes disgusted with Obama on the mainland. But the Europeans love Obama’s plan, reason, the technocratic style. “That looks and feels like a European,” he said wickets.

Obama and Cameron appeared in uncertain Atlantic magazine piece became Britain’s leadership, he said, “scattering” after Western air campaign in Libya stamps subtitles but few in Britain.

But the debate Close cooperation between the two governments at the hip without hiccups. “The so-called is to say, only one co-operator with which Reagan,” he said Walter Ladwig professor at King’s College London. “When you get under the hood in understanding, and the two networks, for the most part, British American works are inseparable. This type of co-operation or hot dogs, Barack Dave grilling at the same time. ‘

As he stood Obama Arabia, the British Prime Minister called perpetual in the society of the German king ‘s chancery of the state, it can be recalled from what has been the matter of the President of the Jacques Seinfeld comedy was introduced at the end of the year.

“How many are the princes of the world, he thought at all out of their minds?” Seinfeld Obama said.

“At that percentage,” said the praetor, they shall not escape. “From these words, and go to meet them, and thou wilt be, only in the eye of chatting, Go, I pray you, this is not here. ‘”

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