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2 Big Flops But Director In Full Demand

The film industry is a place where success matters the most. While just one success brings immense fame to stars and directors overnight, all it takes is one huge flop which can push them into the darkness once again. However, here’s one director, who, despite two huge back to back flops of his first two films, continues to sign crazy projects.

The director in question is Kumar Nagendra, the man who made his directorial debut with Manchu Lakshmi’s production Gundello Godaari. The film was made with a high budget and failed to recover its investments at the box-office. Undeterred, Kumar made his second film Joru starring Sundeep Kishan, whom he directed in Gundello Godaari. Unfortunately, even Joru bombed big at the ticket counters.

Now, Kumar is busy wrapping up Nara Rohit’s Thuntari. With this third project, Kumar decided to play safe and chose to remake a Tamil hit film, Maan Karate. Buzz is quite positive on Thuntari already and Kumar must be hoping to strike gold at least this time.

Despite the flops, one can’t the fact that Kumar Nagendra is a technically sound director, which could be the main reason behind the stars and producers still trusting him.

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