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10Cr Defamation Suit Against Srinu Vaitla?

Looks like director Srinu Vaitla is deep stuck into the mess surrounding his personal and professional lives. Recently, the hotshot director was in the news for an alleged rift with his fashion designer wife Roopa Vaitla. Now, latest reports reveal that Srinu Vaitla will soon be slapped with a Rs.10 Crore worth defamation suit regarding Bruce Lee.

As per the reports, star writer Kona Venkat is said to be in consultation with a High Court advocate to file a defamation case against Srinu Vaitla. Apparently, Kona is fuming about the makers giving him credit as Bruce Lee’s story writer. Kona alleged that his original script was changed by Srinu Vaitla completely. “Kona Venkat would have been happier if he was not given any credit in the film,” said the reports.

Kona Venkat also demands a public apology from Srinu Vaitla for defaming his name by crediting his name for a story which was not written by him. Not stopping here, Kona Venkat will also upload the film’s complete screenplay that he had written online to let people know the huge difference between the original version written by him and the changes made by Srinu Vaitla.

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